Gracia Rose - Revitalizing soluble drink + Magnesium oil Magne Queen 75 g

65,00 лв.

Body-Derma Revitalizing soluble drink for women.

100% sugar free, non-GMO, 100 % vegan, 100 % gluten free, alcohol free.

Gracia Rose Revitalizing soluble drink is a completely natural VEGAN product, without added sugar and without GMO. The combination of natural ingredients and extracts balances the female hormones and allows the body to maintain and even restore its natural beauty and youthful radiance. Gracia Rose only enables the body to activate the metabolism and support the exchange of substances.


A drink for women, based on rose petals "Damascene" and edible gold. The ingredients in the drink are perfectly dosed and selected to work in favor of the female organism.

Dissolve 1 sachet in 80-100 ml. cold water.

Nutritional value 100 g:

  • Energy: 312,67kcal-1308kJ
  • Carbohydrates: 7 g
  • Sugars: 6 g
  • Proteins: 0 g
  • Fats:     0,06 g


Magnesium oil Magne Queen 75 g contains completely natural magnesium, which is one of the most important elements for the human body. Our body does not produce it naturally. It is important for magnesium that it is easily absorbed even through the skin, which is why magnesium oil is very suitable for the purpose.

It helps to calm the muscles, relieve stress, balance the mineral composition, restore the body after training and is directly related to the production of collagen. If the nails are brittle, the hair thin and falls, the skin is exhausted and withered, the reason may be a lack of magnesium.  The magnesium is called the "women's mineral", it helps ladies of any age.

Magne Queen applies with  delicate massage, on clean skin and absorbs beautifully, allowing maximum absorption. It is not greasy and does not stain clothes. You can use it before going out on a date, after a busy stressful day at work or just to pamper your body.

If you have overtrained yourself in a gym, magnesium helps you relax. We must not forget that much of the element is also released during perspiration, which makes it even more important.

You can put a few drops of Magne Queen oil in a tub of warm water and put your feet to relax in.


A product specially for the needs of the modern, active woman. The oil melts onto the skin and makes it velvety and soft. Imagine the power of pure magnesium chloride, combined with delicate notes of perfume fragrance, and finished with a light shine, how it illuminates the skin of any lady in a delicately sexy way.










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More information about the product



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