Gracia Rose The Breakfast 200 g

26,00 лв.
  • Brand: My Foods

Gracia Rose the Breakfast is a natural continuation of the idea that food is the main source of health and beauty for every woman. For this, we created a healthy, delicious, and distinctly feminine breakfast.

Method of preparation: One level tablespoon in 200-250 g of yogurt. The maximum daily dose is two tablespoons.


Rich in fiber, regulates digestion. Balances the composition of beneficial microorganisms in the body. Removes toxins from the body. It allows the body to restore its internal balance. It reduces the need to consume sugar and sweets.

Nutritional value 100 g:

Energy values per 100 g:
274.32 k Cal- 1147.75 kJ
fat - 4.9 g
of which saturated - 3.74 g
carbohydrates - 46.83 g
of which sugars - 17.88 g
protein- 2.69 g
salt - 0.12 g
fiber - 31.4 g


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