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Функционална, здравословна напитка, създадена специално за жени!

LaBellaGen Collagen

Разтворима напитка със свински колаген, с комплексно действие върху женското тяло

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My Foods again took part in the Foodtech 2024 exhibition.

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On Saturday, 04.11.2023, another meeting with our satisfied customers took place, where we also presented the newest products of the brand.

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Dear friends, it was an honor for us to participate in this year's edition of the festival "Hello, Health!", Stara Zagora. We thank everyone for the interest and positive emotions!

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Have you heard of Gracia Rose?

If you have heard, you have probably already experienced all the benefits and advantages when you incorporate this drink into your daily habits. It is not by chance that we say that this is the liquid gold of Bulgaria! We are MYFOODS, one of the most reliable and innovative companies in the field of food industry in Bulgaria and Europe. With more than twenty years of experience, knowledge, continuous training and refinement, which helped us to create the MYFOODS brand and embed in the brand our reading of the maxim - We are what we eat!


We sincerely believe that food is the foundation of longevity and a fulfilling life. The foods we offer are guaranteed to be made from quality, clean and specially selected ingredients. Each component is combined with the others in a way that ensures perfect symbiosis, efficiency and enjoyment. We believe that by choosing our range of products, you are putting health and taste on your table in one dish!